A girl in a man’s world

August 16, 2010 § 2 Comments

I swear to God that I am not a feminist, in fact, I love men in general, but they irritate the ever living snot out of me at times.  This whole misogynistic attitude they carry around putting down anything feminine they deem unacceptable.  That’s what they do.  Now before you jump down my back, and say “Nah-uh, you crazy white girl!” think about it.  When there is a new female fad out that they don’t like, they make it known, and mock us for it.  Case and example: Twilight.  OH MY GOD, if I hear one more guy bitch about how “All you women are getting entirely too caught up in this whole thing.  It’s an unrealistic expectation of what a guy is, and you aren’t going to find that,” I might hit myself in the head with a frying pan.

A friend showed me a blog posting of this guy she knows, and it infuriated me.  Click here to be infuriated.  (Pardon the use of the c-word everywhere.)  He goes on a rampage about how he thinks women have unrealistic expectations of how men are going to act in a relationship – “bringing roses and diamonds and all that cliche shit” – and that’s why guys can’t find anyone decent.  *Laugh out Loud*  NEWS FLASH ASSHOLE: it’s not as if men are incapable of doing said things for women, and it’s not as if you don’t know that’s what we want (not so much the materialism of the item as much as the gesture of the act itself) because you do.  That’s the thing I don’t understand, the media lays out exactly what to do!!!! So many guys are getting upset that their girlfriends are “in love with Edward Cullen”.  Granted, I would be upset if my partner left me for a fictional character, but if they are simply admiring how he treats Bella in the books, and wishing that you would step up your game a bit more than blowing your belch away from her when you’re sitting in your tightie whities on the couch playing madden on a Friday night which just so happens to be Valentine’s Day as well as your anniversary and her birthday, then I think it’s completely justified.  Now I could go on for hours about how much of an egotistical prick this guy really is, but I will let it be at that.

It’s so frustrating being a woman in a man’s world though, I should know.  My brothers did it to me growing up.  It was all “Blah, blah blah, that’s a stupid girl show and we’re not going to stand for it being on in the house so you better brush up on your Ninja Turtles cause that’s what we want to watch so get used to it”.  Don’t get me wrong, Ninja Turtles was the shit, but I would have enjoyed to not have had to hide in a corner in order to watch the Olsen Twins when they left for guys stuff outside, or have been mocked because I wanted to play with Barbies.  I honestly wasn’t allowed to be a girl growing up.  Around my mother, yeah, but most of the time, it was simply unacceptable.  Then it just became easier to completely disregard all my feminine ways in order to impress my brothers/father.  They seemed to like me better that way.  Plus, I thought it was what guys wanted.  A girl who was “one of the guys”.  Yeah, no.  I forced myself into hating the color pink, chick flicks, pop music, makeup, etc.  Instead I insisted that I loved action movies, and hard rock and blue.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy all those things, and blue is definitely my signature color, but I missed so much of the girl life I was supposed to get as a kid.

Now, I go to an all girls college where not being a girl is simply not okay.  It’s not so much that the girls are all lip gloss and stilettos, but they want to watch chick flicks, and I learned real quick, that mocking chick flicks, in a room full of girls, at an all girls school, was so not going to fly.  Over the last two years, I realize how much I do enjoy these things though, and I am starting to admit it to the world outside of school life.  Which is why I expect more from the men I am with.  They don’t have to be fairy tale princes or anything, but I would settle for a tangible gentleman.


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  • Just a few comments.

    Feminists (as a group) don’t hate men. Feminism is about seeking equality. Sometimes that means having to critique masculinity and male culture. Sometimes that means having to critique femininity and female culture. Are there women who hate men? Yes. Are all these women feminists? No.

    I would suggest expanding your definition of girl. Loving “action movies, and hard rock and blue” doesn’t making anyone less of a girl. Girls (and boys) are allowed to do and love what interests them.

    Be the type of girl you are comfortable being – the kind that at the end of the day you can respect and be proud of. That’s all.


    • You’re very right. I was definitely thinking of the “man haters” more than feminists in general. My bad.

      And I comfortable with who I am. Like I said, I still love all these things, I just felt as if I was shunned away from the more “girly” experiences growing up. I might not have explained it as well as I would have liked to though.

      Thanks for the feedback though! I sometimes don’t always reword what I write when I’m in the heat of a thought. Just the passionate part of me who flies off the handle with an idea when it strikes! 😀

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